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Original Story


 An alien Ttumu made a forced landing in Jeju Island of blue planet for a crash with trash in the space in the middle of the Galaxy travel.  The impact ripped the fuselage energy of her spaceship apart in all directions Then, those scattered energy happened to soak through 3 chick siblings looking for food nearby. Thus, there are Shape birds, Nemo, Dongrami and Semo. Broken spaceship turned to lump of scrap metals and Ttumu’s effort to escape from Earth always ended in failure. However, Ttumu doesn’t become frustrated and she is on the alert for an opportunity to pull the energy for spaceship back from Shape birds.


 In the meantime, Shape birds are staying in Jun’s house on the hill by the seaside of Jeju Island. Jun’s father, a director of animal clinic is very kind and takes care of abandoned animals in his place. Jun also has outstanding love for animals. Upon hearing the news, animals in need started to visit his house and his place is becoming an animal farm. For that reason, it is not easy for undercover Ttumu to observe Shape birds. 

One day, a neighbor boy, Ttori who used to tease animals happened to discover Ttumu’s existence…


 As the rumor started to circulate that unidentified UFO shows up from time to time, people in town began to be anxious. Ttori kept trying to inform the Ttumu’s existence to people and finally found out the secret between Shape birds and Ttumu and he kept trying to collect the evidence to prove. Ttumu’s  hideout exposed to people.

Shape birds helped endangered Ttumu and they reconciled dramatically but people’s fear reached an extreme. Ttumu successfully escaped from Earth by the help of Shape birds and animal friends. People questioned Jun and his father gave refuge to Ttumu and abandoned animals considering them as the same group. 


 After a few days, numerous UFO showed up in the sky and people were scared to death. But, Ttumu and her alien friends led people and animals to make friends again and accordingly, Jeju Island became very peaceful with people, animal and aliens together.